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That epic journey to self...

Distractions keeping you from making good life choices?

Ever made a decision and then immediately regretted it??

LOL - welcome to the story of my life!

This is what I have dubbed "the art of distractions to keep you from self". A long tale, written by me.

So, my Papa Bear (also known as Uncle Murray) likes to use this saying: "if you want a different result, do something different".

Which has helped me on many occasions. When I wasn't getting the desired outcome, I would try coming at it in a different way. Challenging me to often think outside of the box and finding a strong sense of creativity. This, in the most part has served me well. Allowing me to think on the go and see multiple angles, to weigh up pros and cons.

Having said that, this is mostly relevant to my working life. I somehow forget to apply this to the other areas of my life (insert a good ol' facepalm here).

Being so ambitious, I tend to get caught up in achieving the KPIs (key performance indicators), goals, budgets and strategic objectives set by management (which has been me in many circumstances - someone with high expectations - insert ANOTHER facepalm).

Sometimes I become pretty narrow focused on my career/business (read - distracted), that everything else becomes blurred and/or in the background.

In the last week, I have had four conversations where the other person has mentioned that they have become so lost in their work world and feeling out of touch with themselves. Maybe because I too am sitting in that boat, I was drawn to these people (who are all relatively new connections) which has led me to take some time to explore and feel the need to 'go find myself' (again).

On reflection, the past few years have been a whirlwind ride both in love, career and life. Some amazing opportunities landed on my path which I took and ran with. Then there have been some crazy, heart-breaking moments, that have led to growth. Whether that growth came from walking over a pile of burning coals, or through a far nicer understanding/learning of a topic, it has all shaped and influenced me, as it will continue to do. Some things were, in the moment, far too hard to deal with, so I said a jolly big hellllloo to diving in to an increased work load (again - distraction)...

I let "distractions" take my focus away from things that are hard to deal with. These distractions are very clever at disguising themselves so that I am caught so deep in the net before I realise I am caught again. How and why I am so efficient at this game of distractions, was a great penny drop last night as I was coming out of a long meditation.

Scientists have proven that multitasking is not something that the human brain is able to do successfully. Yes ladies, that includes us. Whilst we can all do breathe and walk at the same time, the scientists have shown that when we try to multitask, our ability to keep our attention on more than one thing is not possible. Think about a time you were texting someone whilst someone else was talking to you... did you really hear what that person was saying?? Be honest.

(Yeah, I think about scientists during mediation haha).

Then ding!!!!! Penny. Drop.

I get in my own damn way by seeking distractions and thinking I need to find me.

Ufffff. That is hard to say!

Boy oh boy have I held on to some childhood s#it that just really occupies unnecessary space. Earlier this week, I made some decisions because I have felt so lost. Maybe I am not lost, maybe I am just so distracted and spreading myself so thin that I feel out of touch. Those distractions, the excess noise, the sensation of being pulled in all directions. All of this mind chatter, because I have been shaking my snow globe like I am André 3000 with a Polaroid Picture.

How I feel shakin' my poloraid

Time out for a quick snow globe analogy explanation.

When you are constantly shaking your snow globe (your mind), the snow (thoughts) continue to fly around the figure in the centre (you). With so many pieces of snow (thoughts) flying around with each shake (distraction), the figure (you) can't see clearly. Distractions blurring the vision. When we let the snow globe settle (meditation and mindfulness), the snow slowly settles to the floor, less and less snow whirling around, allowing us far more clarity.

So, when I let this snow globe settle, all the pennies started dropping.

I don't need to find me. Just like you don't need to find you. You are already there... just stop shakin' the damn snow globe!!! Stat!!

You are not a lost puppy that needs to be found. You are you.

You can't lose you. You are you.

Keys get lost in handbags. Money gets lost in coat pockets. You... You just get distracted by all the snowballs and you can't see. But you are still there.

When our mind is busy worrying about the future, or caught up in the past... we are not able to be in the present moment. Meaning that we are not able to give all we have to what we are doing in the moment. In this crazy life we live... working 50 hours a week (where we probably do 60 hours crammed into 50), food prep (thanks universe for Uber eats), some physical activity, time with our loved ones, walking the dogs... and SOOOOOOO many other things - it is no wonder we try to multitask.

So, put that globe down. Start being more mindful of the task at hand.

My Mindful May challenge for you for this week...

1 - When you are conversing with someone - put the damn phone away. If you really need to send a text, excuse yourself to do so, then put it away so your attention can be in the conversation, not split.

2 - Try turning the radio off for one short commute. Take in the sights and enjoy the journey from A to B, without noisey distractions.

3 - Eat your meals seated and away from the television/phone. Between each bite, put your utensils down and savour each and every bite.

4 - Take 5 minutes to sit in stillness and silence. Notice the noise in your head and focus on the breath. When your 5 minute timer goes off, write down the key players in the distracting noise. Do this daily and hopefully the noise starts to become less!

As always...

Love and light

Renee xx

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