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New Moon. New Beginnings

Each month (well 29.5 days) a new moon occurs. This is when the Moon, Earth and Sun are aligned – the moon being the piggy in the middle (Sun, Moon, Earth). Meaning that those of us residing on planet Earth, often referred to as hoomans, see the side of the moon that is dark.

I often speak about the energies that come with a full moon, but I am feeling a little topsy-turvy post Hemsworth-Cyrus break up, so today I am going to give you a little of my insights into the power of a new moon, particularly because this one is the second new moon in the month – known as a Black Moon. Because if there is anyone that knows how to start over (again and again) and reinvent – it is Miley (like or loathe her – she is one extremely talented gal).

New moons mark the start of a new lunar cycle. From this new beginning, we will see the growing illumination of the moon each night (waxing phase) until reaching its peak of a full moon, which then takes us into the transition to a new moon as it ‘shrinks’ in illumination (waning).

Whether you are in tune with the lunar energies or not, you can use this time to take steps to start a new project. Whether that is related to your career, relationship, hobbies or whatever. The new and refreshed cycle producing loads of fertile energy that you can channel into an intention / goal / project and work towards growing these ideas and actions.

The New Moon in Virgo brings with it some goodies – organisation, scheduling, planning and a focus on your health. Harnessing this into your efforts will set you up well for endeavours ahead.

Not only is the moon in the house of Virgo, but other big players such as the brightest star, for sake of ease we shall call "sun", along with cronies Mercury (who thank eff is FINALLY out of retrograde - thankkkks!), Mars and the planet of love, Ms Venus, are ALSO in da house (of Virgo. "What does all this mean!?", I hear you say!

Well, Virgo - the sign of service, hard work, self care and to put it bluntly - kicking some major butt. So - basically, an AMAZING time to work on self and get ya s#!t in order. Sorry for the crassness - a way of cleaning out ;-) What can you add or start, in order to be your 'best version of self'?

Firstly, let's clean up that agenda and schedule. Look at your week / month / year. How overloaded is your calendar / to do list... Who and what is on this list that is only there to fill time?? And don't lie... that isn't going to do anyone any favours. What are you filling your sched with, in order to not have to face the real stuff. Hmmmmm. That's what I thought!

All of these excess things, or 'noise', that you fill every minute of your day with, is not practicing ASTEYA (non-stealing). It is a form of stealing time from yourself.

*Warning, truth bomb ahead. Start saying NO to things that you know you don't want to do, that take you away from what you SHOULD be doing, all because you are trying to people please. There. I said it. STOP PEOPLE PLEASING. Clean that out and start new habits, routines that bring you closer to your DHARMA - righteous path.

On the health subject - yes, physical activity is great for the body, so keep that up, or add it into your newly freed up calendar... BUT a healthy body is only part of the equation. Take some time to get on the mat (or wherever) to take time for your mental and emotional health. Taking care of this is not a nicety, it is a necessity. Never tried meditation - comment below for some of my top tips or pop along to class where we spend a few minutes exploring this.

Every journey starts with a single step. Time to dust off the walkin’ boots and get stepping, friend. Whatever you set your sights on and start working on now, you will reap the rewards of when the corresponding full moon comes into play – in about 6 months.

Take some time to look inside and do a little spring clean. Give yourself total control of the reins of life and make moves to work towards what makes the joy and happiness within you, shine ever-so-bright on those around you.

New moon. New Season. New Adventures.

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