First Class

Sometimes starting something new can be super intimidating - I get it - I need to pep talk myself more than I care to admit. So, here are a few things to help you in your first class. 


Top Tips

Arrive at least 5 minutes before class so we can sign you in & show you around. 

Entrance is from the carpark behind Walter Road, enter via Wellington Road or Blade Close. 

Please turn your phone to silent, or preferably to off.


What should I bring?

We have mats & props for you to use, but if you have your own, bring these along.

You can also bring a bottle of water if you like to hydrate during a class. 


What should I wear?

You don't need to fork out a heap of money to get a whole new yoga wardrobe.

Just make sure you wear clothes you can move in & feel comfortable in. 
We encourage you to be barefoot, to help strengthen the muscles in the feet, but if you feel more comfortable with shoes on - you do you! If you wish to wear socks, we recommend the grippy socks, to help prevent the slipping on the mat. 


What should I expect?

Our instructors are certified to guide you through a practice that is safe & feels good for your body.

You will be exposed to some stretches & movements that will have different benefits.

Each of these poses will look different in each person, for many reasons, but mostly because we all have different bone structure, so we encourage you to feel what is good for your body. No one but you knows what it feels like for you - #YouDoYou!

Most importantly - be patient. Let go of judgement & expectations & allow your practice to develop over a period of time. 


After your first class...

Rehydrate, refuel & enjoy the ongoing benefits of your practice. 

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