Class Types


All Flow Classes are a Vinyasa style class.

The word VINYASA is a Sanskrit term that translates to "to place in a special way". Linking poses together to create a flow that incorporates breath and body connection.

We have a few different styles of FLOW to suit a range of desired outcomes. 

Vinyasa - A class that links breath with movement. Creating a dance between the breath and mind connection. This class starts with movement to warm the body, moving into stronger holds, continuing to build heat and then ending with deeper stretching.

Slow Flow - as it sounds, a slower more gentle practice that still incorporates the Vinyasa foundations.

Fire & Flow - More energizing & sweat-inducing than slow flow. This class will have you creating a fire in the belly and shifting energy within the body. 


Yin is a style of yoga that holds poses for 2 - 5 minutes, to work into the deeper layer of connective tissue.

Based mostly in grounding poses on the mat, these classes generally consist of a series of long-held poses that work into areas of the body to reach the deeper layers of connective tissue and fascia. Typically, based around the hips, legs, lower back and areas 

Working to slowly ease the body into a deeper expression & playing with the edge - to further explore the depth in poses and the mind.


This slower paced class will guide you gently through the unravelling of our body.


Restorative is all about restoring the body (thanks Captain Obvious!!) allowing ailments/injuries to be nurtured & the mind to come to stillness.


Whilst Yin has a focus on working into the deeper levels of connective tissue - leaving you buttered up & more supple, in Restorative, we aim to take the body into a stretch that is 'effort-free'. 


Both Yin & Restorative will leave you feeling luscious - but to really understand the difference, we encourage you to try both!


Finishing each restorative class with a  20-30 minute Nidra, to really replenish the batteries!

Prenatal Consults

We are changing the way we offer prenatal classes. Yoga is often recommended by doctors & specialists to help women through what is a very different experience.


To ensure that you are your growing baby is safe, we run a fortnightly consult class (up to 6 students) to guide you through how to modify your practice while you are pregnant / after giving birth.


Once you have attended a Prenatal consult class, you will be equipped with the knowledge to safely be able to attend all other classes (please still inform the teacher prior to each class).

Our prenatal consults are run by Renée, a fully qualified Yoga Master Trainer & Personal Trainer, that has completed specialised Pre & Postnatal training. Renée is equipped to guide your changing body through beautiful flows & guided meditations to support you through physical & emotional changes. 


*We encourage all yogi's to seek medical clearance, before undertaking physical activities. If you are new to yoga & growing a baby (or two /three), please call us to discuss the best options. The safety of you a&d your growing baby is our priority.