Oops, I own a studio...

Legit... That is how this all started. Accidentally!

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis - after more than 15 years of misdiagnosis! This shed some light on to why I had been suffering for YEAAAARRRSSS with the most horrific ‘period pain’.

Because I am a super nerd... I dove into research to help manage the pain and to do anything I could, to reduce flare-ups. I attended seminars and conferences on women's health and learnt a lot about hormones/nutrition/physical and mental health. Suddenly I found myself completing my Certificate IV in Fitness in order to help other women who may be in a similar position - wanting to be able to work out and have the empathy of someone who understood the internal pain - even when on the outside you ‘don’t look sick!’.

What was meant to be a one day workshop on Prenatal Yoga, through a Yoga Teaching Training school - YogaFit... opened my eyes to a whole new world (cue the music, Aladdin).

Fast forward a few years, still working a corporate job, whilst teaching yoga on the side. Absolutely loving teaching and wanting more of the world to be exposed to this magic... I ventured down a Yoga Trainer path. A choice needed to be made, as the juggling of teaching, training and a full-time job (not to mention squeezing in me time, family and friends and some downtime) was insanity.


The timing of finding a space and boom - Little Zen Den was born!